Student Outcomes

The class of 2019 have seen fantastic results in their Level 1 qualifications, despite the changes to accreditation. This reflects their exceptionally hard work and conduct during public examinations.
100% of students achieved at least 4 accreditations with passes in English, Maths,  Science and Sport.  100% of students achieved GCSE or comparable level 1 qualifications, with all students entered for GCSE English receiving at least a level 1.

In the Arts, the highest grade results achieved ranged from 4 to as high as 6.  There has also been an increase in achievement in vocational subjects at level 1 in Child Care, Hospitality, Sport and Performing Arts.

The following data sets are those which we are required to publish and are obviously intended for mainstream schools; as such they do not fully reflect the progress our pupils make, therefore we have included further information on progress and attainment below. The attainment and progress of our Young People does vary from year to year depending on the Individual Special Educational Needs with which they present. Please consider our cohorts are very small when reading this data. Finally, please use the further information below to see the full achievements of our students.