School Aims and Ethos

For Students

  • to enjoy their time here; to be happy, engaged and safe every day
  • to be the best prepared they can be for a life leading into the 22nd century; including having the best possible access to technology and to be provided with the skills & knowledge to harness it effectively for the rest of their lives
  • to maximise their potential to thrive in an uncertain and challenging world by developing skills and attributes which truly support; lifelong learning, independence, curiosity, creativity and adaptability
  • to be developed as whole people, with the curriculum always driving human outcomes in order to support mentally and physical healthy and fulfilling future

For Staff

  • to be well supported by technology and facilities to afford every possible efficiency and reduction in workload
  • to have a conducive, comfortable and pleasant working environment, and a culture of looking after each other, which supports them and their students to be their best
  • for the curriculum they deliver to be exciting, meaningful and aligned to the agreed moral purpose in outcomes for students
  • for our school to be a centre of leadership development, opportunity and futures thinking to launch, enhance and give deep satisfaction and enrichment throughout education careers

For Families and Stakeholders

  • to make Baycroft and its future vision so compelling that stakeholders find engagement irresistible
  • to ensure that Baycroft is always a safe, optimistic and exciting place which families and friends are proud to be a part of
  • to have a level of pedagogical excellence and evidence based practice which leads the way for other schools and provides a resource for them to draw on for other young people
  • to send out young people from our school who seek to enrich and enhance their communities; in return, young people being able to draw on their communities for support when needed without being demeaned