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All students at Baycroft School have access to the full range of National Curriculum subjects. At Key Stage 4 this is supplemented with option courses along with college and work experience placements, as well as enterprise and work-related learning. Opportunities for accreditation include GCSEs, BTECs, Entry Level Certificate of Achievement and Entry Pathway unit awards.

We recognise that the curriculum needs to be well matched to individual students’ needs and interests, and also that it needs to be personally challenging. Students are helped to make progress at a pace appropriate to their abilities and needs. Those experiencing difficulties in English and Maths have interventions to boost progress in these subjects; those students who are particularly able also have the opportunity for extra support to move on their achievement.

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Relationships, Health & Sex Education Links
It is understandable that with recent changes around the teaching of SRE that parents may be feeling anxious about what this means for their children.  We’d like to reassure you that we always consult with parents when making big changes and we have used parents to guide and advise in the way we have shaped the new curriculum here. However, that is not the end of the dialogue! We have information and opportunities to discuss and view content and materials at nearly all school events. We are also receptive to feedback and comments at any time of the year and are keen to reassure you and work with you about any aspect of our child’s education – especially this very sensitive subject.
As a school we have worked very closely with the DfE and with Hampshire County Council and the PSHE Association as ‘early adopters’ of the new, statutory RSE content, in order to tailor it to match the needs of our students very closely. We will always inform you when work will be undertaken which may be sensitive and our PSHE staff are only happy to talk to you about how we have considered your child in particular, as well as their form group. We do not impose a ‘one size fits all’ approach to this, as with any other area of the curriculum. You are also welcome to come and view lessons, plans and materials at any time.
All that being said, quality Relationships and Sex Education are a vital component of lifelong safeguarding for our students, and we would ask you wherever possibly to support us and work with us in ensuring that your child receives all aspects of the curriculum which has been carefully crafted to promote their well-being and safety both during and beyond their time with us.
Please do not hesitate to contact staff for any further advice, support or information.

Sex & Relationship Education Policy

Relationships Education – Government Consultation

Understanding Relationships, Sex & Health Education – A guide for Parents

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