An Introduction to the Faculty System

What is a faculty?
A faculty is a term used for a group of subjects which work together in partnership to achieve something more than they do on their own.  At Baycroft we have identified that we want to focus on what the human qualities are that we develop in students, through the curriculum, as well as making sure that they achieve in each subject.

Faculty of Independence

We bring together the areas of English, Literacy, PEEP (People, Environments, Events, Places), World of Work and Vocational Studies to provide our learners with the best skill set possible to make independent choices.  This will then enable them to function within and engage with all that our region has to offer for the rest of their lives.

Faculty of Creativity

We bring together the areas of Drama, Art, Music and Photography.  We aim to develop the creative minds of our learners and encourage imaginative thinking, whilst developing confidence, self-esteem and developing key communication skills which will support them for the rest of their lives.

Faculty of Wellbeing & Self-Regulation

We bring together PE, RE, Philosophy, Citizenship and SRE (Sex and Relationships Education) to provide students with an understanding and capacity for regulating their own emotions & personal wellbeing, both physically and mentally, as well as being mindful and understanding of the needs of others.  This is so that they can enjoy lifelong health and wellbeing in every sense.

Faculty of Curiosity (STEM)


We bring together Science, Mathematics, Computing and Design Technology to foster a fascination with the world around us.  We work through engineering, technological, environmental and physical aspects of life to develop creative problem solving and robust thinking skills in all our young people.  This is so that they can effectively manage the many and varied situations and challenges they will face throughout their lives.