Pupil Premium

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​Pupil premium is a sum of money that the school receives to support the educational achievements of a number of groups of students, who according to national statistics have traditionally made less progress and achieved less well than their peers. The aim of the funding is to try to close the attainment gap.

Year 7 Catch Up Funding

​Year 7 Catch up Funding was withdrawn by the government with immediate effect in June 2020, when the national Covid Catchup funding was announced.

This removed £20,500 from our income mid-year and a net reduction in catchup funding for students compared to previous years.

Previous Covid Catch Up Funding

Financial Year 20/21 we received £35,000 in Covid Catch up. In this financial year, the year 7 catch up funding has not been reinstated elsewhere, the Covid Catch up funding will be £18,000, meaning a net reduction in catchup funding for students compared to previous years.

We have nevertheless allocated enhanced funding following Covid to:

A whole school social and emotional bouncing back programme which ran for 8 weeks at the start of term
Increased capacity in our therapeutic teams to react to individual and ongoing Covid related trauma and wellbeing
Engaging a professional E-Safety and advice team to work with all parents and students to; ensure that children have been safe during e-learning to date and identify any issues; upskill students and staff about the issues and risks online and in the virtual world; equip parents to advise, supervise and support their children in using the internet and all electronic communications safely
Boosting staffing in core subjects to support rapid learning of students whose needs require highly trained and familiar staff only to support them

There were planned summer activities for Year 10’s to complete coursework and ‘bank’ credits for Gateway qualifications to mitigate potential disruptions to learning in the Autumn Term 2021.

Baycroft School Covid Catch Up