Student Outcomes

Exam Results 2022

Baycroft congratulates the class of 2022 on their exceptionally hard work and commitment, which has achieved excellent results, despite the disruption they have experienced to their education from the pandemic.
Our students achieved accreditation through a variety of different means which include; GCSEs, GCSE equivalent Gateway certificates and diplomas and pre-GCSE (Entry Level) Certificates of Achievement. As of 2022 all students secured further education placements.
Here is a link to the national qualifications framework:




There were 39 Year 11 students in the cohort, all of whom achieved at least one accreditation.
35 students were in full time education until the of the year. Of these, 100% achieved a qualification in English, Maths and Science. A further 3 students gained English and Maths accreditation, despite their challenges.
Attendance and absence with Covid infections and isolations, as well as some ongoing medical conditions in students had an impact on the subjects which required portfolios of evidence rather than a terminal exam.
All students had the opportunity to achieve up to 7 GCSE or ½ GCSE equivalents at Level 1 and Level 2. The reason why some vocational subjects are ½ rather than full GCSEs is due to the variations in guided learning hours in very practical aspects.
8 students achieved a GCSE Maths grade from 1 to 4. All 31 other students achieved an Entry Level 1-3 Certificate.
1 student achieved a GCSE English grade 3. All other students, bar one, achieved an Entry Level 1-3 Certificate.
18 students were awarded a Level 1 Science certificate, equivalent to a full GCSE. 15 students were achieved a Level 1 Science award, equivalent to ½ a GCSE. Remaining students achieved transferable unit awards at GCSE level.
In Art and Photography GCSEs, results range from Grades 1 to 5, reflecting the wide range of students able to access and be successful in these courses.
30 students achieved a Skills for Sport qualification, 10 of these were the full certificate (1 GCSE equivalent) and 20 of which were the Award (1/2 GCSE equivalent).

Other vocational qualifications successfully achieved by our students were:
Progression – personal and life skill (Levels 1 and 2)
Digital Skills for Work (levels 1 and 2)
Child Care – Level 1
Skills for Art and Design – Level 1
Hospitality – Level 1
Skills in Land Based Sector – Level 1
Travel and Tourism – Level 1
Performing Arts – Level 1
Skills for Music and Music Technology – Level 1
Building and Construction

One of the best indicators of the quality of our work with students is how well prepared they are for their lives beyond Baycroft. Here is information on the destinations of our leavers last year (NB: one student is equivalent to 2.6%):

Leavers Destinations

The following data sets are those which we are required to publish and are obviously intended for mainstream schools; as such they do not fully reflect the progress our pupils make, therefore we have included further information on progress and attainment below. The attainment and progress of our Young People does vary from year to year depending on the Individual Special Educational Needs with which they present. Please consider our cohorts are very small when reading this data. Finally, please use the further information below to see the full achievements of our students. Please note for the Year 2020 the government has announced that it will not publish any school or college level performance data based on tests, assessments or exams for 2020.