Medical Info

We do not have an on site qualified  nurse at school, we do though have first aid trained and experienced staff who oversee student medical needs in liaison with all consultants and specialist teams.  Care Plans and relevant Risk Assessments are drawn up in partnership with parents and carers with regular reviews and updates.


The safety of medication is important in the school, so to keep our practice running efficiently, we will only accept medication that comes into school safely.

  • Medication will only be accepted into school in its original box / bottle with your child’s pharmacy label on and in date.
  • Pharmacy labels must match the required dose and timings that you have requested we administer. Pharmacy labels must not be tampered with or defaced.
  • Medication must be handed to the taxi escort if travelling, who will then need to bring it to the school office. Parents that transport their own children should hand medication directly to the school office. A medication pack containing transportation forms and instructions for use will be given to all parents / carers and escorts.

Prior to staff being able to administer any medication a consent form must be completed by parents / carers which will detail the name of the medication, stated dose and times you require it to be given.   Any changes to medication must be supplied to us in writing prior to us making the changes. A doctor’s letter is preferable but clear pharmacy instructions (via the medication label will be sufficient).  If your child is given medication regularly in school please try to remember when they will be running low and send more in, our system runs well and a letter or phone call home is made when medication is low.