Remote Learning

The program of learning developed by Baycroft for remote access has been set up to address two potential scenarios – firstly to continue to deliver curricular learning for students in the event of full / partial closure of the school, and secondly to ensure the same for students who are unable to access the school site (e.g. for reasons of self-isolation).

In the event of some form of full or partial closure, continuity will be assured using an online platform – Class Dojo – which will contain sets of pre-developed and recorded lessons which are then supplemented by small group calls using Microsoft TEAMs which all students have log-ins and password access to.  The program will consist of lessons across subjects which can be taught with a high degree of learning benefit through remote means and which ensure continuation of learning across a broad base of subjects, including option subjects. All lessons are to be delivered, and have work and tasks, in a differentiated way appropriate to the level of the learner.

In the event of individual students not being able to access on-site provision
 for reasons of enforced self-isolation (for example due to Covid) learning will continue across a broad base of subjects using pre-recorded learning episodes which have been developed to ensure curricular learning with accessibility and challenge across a range of levels. This program is designed to address limited periods of enforced individual absence. Other periods of sickness or absence (i.e. those who are not related to Covid need) do not fall within the scope of this policy.  In instances where students are unwell and unable to attend school the focus needs to be on rest and recuperation to enable the student to return to school to continue with their learning as soon as possible.

In addition to the above provisions parents and carers may wish to take guidance from the curriculum planning available on the website to construct further learning in line with the curriculum focus being delivered to peers at the time of requirement. Supporting lessons and tasks can be found at 

Baycroft Online Homework