Pastoral Support Structure

The structure is organised to ensure that each Key Stage has key functions of; quality assurance on tutoring, annual reviews, reports and daily pastoral practice; implementation of Section F provisions for all children, everywhere they go; DSL/Safeguarding; LAC support and Young Carer support; effective transition into and out of the school.

The Head of Wellbeing and Self – Regulation Faculty has a key role in the interface between the PDP curriculum content and the impact on all staff and students and vice versa.

The E-Safety Co-ordinator and E-Safety Consultant link in to all teams as well as the PDP curriculum.

The R.I.S.E. team provide the interventions, via a referral process, to support and supplement the preventative and responsive work from the different teams.


Our pastoral support structure is predicated on the following 7 key principles:

1) High quality, daily pastoral care is pivotal to good learning and positive wellbeing. The role of the form tutor needs to be the most important function of the day.

2) A student’s pastoral/wellbeing needs are being not met, if their learning needs and entitlements are not within the curriculum. Each tutor is a SENCO to their own group of students.

3) Smaller numbers of students, known very well, and viewed through a number of lenses are better than school-wide roles focusing on single issues across large numbers of students

4) Co-construction and continual professional learning and enrichment are pivotal to quality safeguarding, wellbeing and pastoral practice

5) PDP(PSHE) is taught by form tutors – therefore by the person who knows the students the best and who can use their expertise to tailor the agreed PDP curriculum to best meet the needs of their group

6) Tutors become experts in their students and also in their key stage, particular with regard to the PDP curriculum over time; tracking their social and emotional progress is at least of equal importance to their academic progress

7) There is good contingency within the system and within clear lines of accountability and oversight, equally overlap and flexibility to cover different functions and support with diversity of expertise as appropriate. The wider structure supports tutors in all of their endeavours – and also quality assures the experiences of our students.