Wearing a uniform regularly and correctly is a very important life skill and a realistic situation for life beyond Baycroft, whether it be a formal organisation’s uniform or a general/implied dress code. Our students’ needs have been carefully considered and none prevent them from wearing the correct or agreed uniform daily. We therefore expect parents to support both their children and us by supplying the items and taking the time to ensure that they are being worn on the way out of the door in the morning.

Baycroft takes a very pragmatic approach to uniform. The origin of the school’s uniform lies in the students themselves, who requested one in order not to stand out from their mainstream peers out and about in the community.

We recognise that within our population, some children will struggle with particular aspects of clothing due to their sensory needs and this can usually be accommodated in a mutually agreed solution between the school and the student/their family.

We have considered carefully the cost and availability of items listed and have given a range of options which over the years all students have managed to comply with.

Students not wearing correct uniform will not be allowed to access opportunities off site and if persistently failing to comply with expectation will attract punitive sanctions eg after school detentions, loss of privileges such as clubs and tuck.

If in any doubt about any aspect of the rules listed below, please contact the school office for confirmation before buying.

The following items must be worn by students whenever they attend the school site or are engaged in school-led activities:

  • Plain black or dark grey school trousers or knee length skirt. Not joggers, leggings or jeans.
  • Plain white or pale blue shirt or polo shirt
  • Plain navy blue jumper, sweatshirt or school fleece
  • Dark grey or black socks/tights
  • Plain black shoes or plain black trainers with dark soles and no other colours or logos. Boots are not permitted.

In the summer, after the May half term holiday students may wear knee length plain grey or black tailored (smart) shorts. Sports shorts or cut off joggers are NOT permitted

In the summer term, from Easter, student may wear a blue knee length gingham uniform dress in the style available from chain stores and supermarkets.

Students wear PE kit all day on days when they have PE lessons. We have developed a range of practical and comfortable PE and sportswear which parents and carers are welcome to buy for these days. Please note: this is not compulsory.

P.E. Kit
T-Shirt (ideally plain colour or without messages or large pictures)
Sports socks
Optional tracksuit
Swimming costume & towel

On health and safety grounds students are only permitted to wear a limited amount of jewellery in the school. The only permitted items are:

  • 1 plain pair of small ear studs in pierced ears (in the lobe – no flesh tunnels, spacers etc. are permitted
  • 1 watch

Students must remove all jewellery for PE lessons and games to prevent injury.

Nose and all other facial and body piercings are strictly forbidden.


Coloured or bleached hairstyles are not acceptable at Baycroft. Any hair colour must be a naturally occurring shade. No exaggerated hairstyles are permitted.  Long hair must be tied up for PE.

For parents’ guidance, student haircuts should be no shorted than Grade 2 on any part of the head.

Shaved tramlines/patterns or other markings are strictly forbidden.

Make-up, excessive fake tan, nails varnish, artificial, gel or acrylic nails and tattoos are not permitted. Students should not wear perfume or other strong fragrances which can have a profound effect on others with certain sensory sensitivities.

The following uniform displaying the Baycroft logo can be purchased from Skoolkit:


Polo shirt either white or pale blue

  • PE t-shirt in pale blue
  • School fleece
  • School sweatshirt
  • School polo shirts