All placements at Baycroft are determined by the Local Authority.

Their decision will follow suitable consultation with the school, due diligence on our part, and a view given about both suitability and our current capacity.

All placements are subject to an Education, Health, Care Plan, the Code of Practice for Identification and Assessment of Children with Special Educational Needs and/or any modifications to that legislation or requirement as issued by the DfE and Hampshire County Council.

In order for the school to consider any consultation, the Education, Health, Care Plan needs to be both current (or accompanied by recent reports and updates) and also compliant with the Code of Practice in all parts, particularly Health (Sections C and G). This includes stating the required level of specificity,  namely:

  • the type of support needed (including any specialist equipment) 
  • the frequency of support needed  
  • the level of support needed 
  • the level of expertise needed 
  • who is responsible for providing the support – (demonstrably pursuant to recommendations about competency in delegated tasks) 

This may be something prospective parents and carers wish to check before requesting a placement.

Parents/Carers are very welcome to contact the school for information on our school environment, curriculum and pastoral care.

Due to the overwhelming demand for places, the school is unable to offer personal tours of the site for entry into Year 7, however, parents/carers are welcome to attend any of the open evenings that the school hold during the autumn and spring terms.  Details are advertised on the school website.

For students entering the school on a phase transfer (Year 6 into 7), once a place has been confirmed by the Local Authority parents/carers will be offered an opportunity to visit with the Year 7 team and will be sent details of transition and admission processes.

If you are looking for placement for a child in Years 8 to 10, please call the school who will put you in touch with the relevant contact for that year group. The appropriate key stage lead with be in touch as soon as possible. We do not admit students into Year 11.

You may wish to read our Admissions Policy here.